Business Insurance

Whether you have a small home business or huge enterprise, business insurance can protect you in case the worst happens to your investment.


As a business owner, you work hard to cultivate and maintain your business. But there are a number of risks that could threaten what you’ve built. However, purchasing this type of policy is not an easy task. There are a number of types of business insurance and it important that you understand what they generally cover.

Liability Insurance: this is a type of protection which covers the losses and damages your company causes to others. It protects you against being considered liable for bodily injury or error inherent in defective and/or wrongly installed products, failure in services provided, and losses as well as damage which occurs due to the negligence of employees.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: Insuring your worker’s on-the-job injuries is a must. Employers are generally obliged to pay for all medical bills and damages which result from the bodily injury of employees

Property Insurance: this is coverage for all the building and contents owned by your company. These structures can be owned, rented or leased. Often property and casualty are put together, but these terms mean different things: property refers to the location of your business, while casualty insures your business itself.

Vehicle insurance: also called commercial auto insurance protects the vehicles (cars, trucks etc.) used by your business. It offers insurance against damage or loss of your vehicles, but also covers the losses your vehicles accidentally cause to others.

Business Interruption Insurance:covers the loss of profit due to some catastrophe, natural disaster, or machine breakdown which accidentally interrupts your business, thus causing damage to the cash flow. In case you have to move your business to another location, these costs are also covered by this policy. Most importantly we can answer your questions and ensure you have the Right Coverage at the Right Price. Let our years of experience guide you.